postheadericon Eyebrow Tattooing – Essential Aftercare: What You Need to Know

The eyebrow tattooing clinic that carries out the permanent makeup will certainly advise you on how to look after your new eyebrows. Even so, you might well want to know what’s involved before you go ahead and have the work done. To help, here’s a basic rundown of the most essential things you need to know with regards to aftercare.


The area around an eyebrow tattoo is red after the procedure and the colour around forty percent darker than it will be after the healing process (the darkness tends to show the day after as opposed to the same day). Although the most advanced techniques are less invasive than tattoos (which goes much deeper which is why it lasts forever) there will still be some minor scabbing. Under no circumstances should you pick these scabs as this could damage the tattooing and ruin the final look. This healing phase usually takes around seven to fourteen days Between fourteen days and one month you might notice the skin seems a little milky looking, this is normal. It takes around a month for the colouring to fully settle in.

What NOT to Do During the Healing Phase

The first seven days is when you must take the most care. The greater care you take with an eyebrow tattoo during this time the better the results will be. NO water, soaps, creams or makeup should go near them during that first seven days. The eyebrow tattooing clinic will probably give you some special cream to put on each evening after around five to seven days. Hygiene is VERY important. These are wounds and so never touch your eyebrow tattoos with anything but clean hands: Especially when applying the cream. Ideally, you should avoid touching them altogether. Applying the cream with a cotton bud is the best foot forward.

Physical Activity

If you are a gym or sports enthusiast prepare to miss out on this for two weeks after the tattooing. Swimming, saunas, even a hot bath are to be avoided – Anything that might make you sweat too much. Stay out of the sun and do not go on a sunbed. The UV/UVA rays can affect the colour and cause premature fading. If you were planning on cleaning out the basement or loft give that a miss until the healing process has finished. Debris and excess dust can also cause problems.

If Problems do Arise

If you follow these basic care instructions your eyebrow tattoos should heal properly and without problems. However, if you do notice anything unexpected happening during the healing process contact the eyebrow tattooing clinic that carried out the work immediately. If you get a high temperature, feel feverish, excess swelling or streaking it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

For most people the healing process takes around one month to six weeks. Of course, people heal at different rates depending on their body as well as their age. It is a good idea to keep a high sun factor cream on them if you go in the sun to avoid premature fading. Look after them and you can expect to keep your glamourous new look for years to come!

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