postheadericon How Brimonidine Tartrate works.

Brimonidine Tartrate is eye drops medication grouped under alpha-2-adrenergic receptor agonists. The eye produces a lot of fluid constantly. If the fluid is not drained properly, then the eye is pressured greatly. Brimonidine role in the eye is the reduction of pressure which accumulates in it. Brimonidine tartrate increases the amount of fluid which flows out of the eye.

The contents in every 1 ml of sterile ophthalmic solution contain 0.2% (2 mg) of the aforementioned brimonidine tartrate. Other non-medicinal ingredients include benzalkonium chloride, pure water, sodium citrate, sodium chloride and polyvinyl alcohol. Acids such as hydrochloric acid and citric may also be used together with or in the place of sodium hydroxide in order to adjust ph. This medication is packaged using different brand names.

Brimonidine tartrate is used to lower raised eye pressure in the eye and/or treat glaucoma. The cause of glaucoma is increased eye pressure. It is brought about by the blockage of fluids produced by the eye. This pressure affects the back of the eye and may result in a gradual loss of sight. It is not dangerous when spotted early, but it can lead to total blindness if left for long. Glaucoma is among the most common causes of blindness. Brimonidine tartrate helps in the reduction of intraocular pressure. It is very effective,  hereby the peak ocular hypotensive effect being felt two hours post dosage.

The procedure of medication

1.  Ensure that the person administering the drug has clean hands or has worn gloves to prevent contamination.

2.  Remove any contact lens you might be wearing and put them back on after 15 to 20 minutes.

3.  The patient should look straight into the tip of the dropper and tilt their head back and then pull their eyelids so as to create a small passage.

4.  Squeeze the dropper and allow the prescribed amount of drops to fall.

5.  The patient should then close her/his eyes for 3-5 minutes without blinking.

Prescription of this drug depends on the doctor administering it. However, the most common and recommended prescription is three drops per day. These drops are administered in intervals of eight hours.

Side-effects of Brimonidine Tartrate

–  Headaches

–  Dizziness

–  Tiredness

–  Nausea

–  Insomnia

–  Blurred vision

–  Eye redness and burning

–  Muscle pain

To avoid these from happening, it is advisable for the patient to inform the doctor about the side effects which may happen to them. It is also advisable not to be under the influence of alcohol whenever using this product. A qualified doctor is the one who should offer the prescription of the medicine.

The drug is not to be used with various other drugs like antidepressants, blood pressure medications or beta-blockers, tranquillizers, seizure drugs or sleep-inducing drugs. It is important to consult health care service providers whenever you are about to use brimonidine tartrate. Additionally, in case a patient experiences some of the side effects listed above when using this drug, it is advisable that they see a doctor.

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